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Ironing Services

Ironing Services

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We provide ironing services for laundry carried out by our customers. With our local ironing services, you can wash and dry your clothes yourself, and bring them to us for Ironing.

Ironing is a necessary part of maintaining a polished and professional appearance for clothing and household linens. However, not everyone has the time or inclination to tackle a pile of ironing themselves. Fortunately, in London, there are a variety of ironing services available to help with this task. Pick and Drop services provide a convenient solution for busy people who want to look their best without sacrificing their time.

Here we will explore the ins and outs of Pick and Drop services, including how we work, our delivery procedure, our cost, and the types of items that can be ironed.


How Ironing Services Work

Pick and Drop services work by providing customers with a convenient and efficient way to get their clothes and linens pressed and ready to wear. The process generally involves the following steps:


The first step is schedule a collection time. The customer arranges for the service to collect the items from their home or office at a time that is convenient for them.


Once the items have been collected, they are transported to the ironing service’s facility.


The items are then ironed using professional equipment and techniques. we may use steam irons, pressing machines, or other equipment to achieve a smooth and wrinkle-free finish.

Quality Control:

After the items are ironed, they are inspected to ensure they meet the ironing service’s quality standards. Any necessary touch-ups are made at this time.


Finally, the items are delivered back to the customer at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Delivery Procedure of Ironing Services

The delivery procedure of Pick and Drop can vary depending on the specific service used. We offer 27-30 Hours minimum turn around time to process and delivery, in general, the delivery process involves the following steps:


Once the ironing service has completed the ironing, they will notify the customer that the items are ready for collection or returned on the selected date customer requested. This may be done by phone, email.


The ironing service will then deliver the items to the specified location. The items will be neatly folded or hung, depending on the customer’s preferences.

Cost Of Ironing Services In London

The cost of Pick and Drop ironing services can vary depending on the type and quantity of items being ironed. Generally, ironing services charge by the item, with prices ranging from a few pounds per item to several pounds for larger or more complex items.

We offer discounts for first time customers.

What Items They Iron

Pick and Drop ironing services iron a wide variety of items, including clothing, household linens, and other fabrics. Some common items that are frequently ironed include:

Shirts And Blouses:

Ironing services can provide a crisp, professional finish for shirts and blouses.

Trousers And Skirts:

Trousers and skirts can be pressed to remove wrinkles and create a smooth, polished appearance.


Ironing services can press dresses to remove wrinkles and create a smooth, flattering silhouette.


Ironing services can press bedding, including sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers, to create a neat and inviting look for the bedroom.

Tablecloths And Napkins:

Ironing services can press tablecloths and napkins to create an elegant and polished look for dinner parties or other special occasions.


Ironing services can press towels to create a soft, fluffy texture and remove any creases or wrinkles.


Ironing services can iron curtains to remove wrinkles and create a neat, professional appearance.

Overall, ironing services in London can provide a convenient and efficient way to keep clothes and linens looking their best. Whether you’re a busy professional with a demanding schedule, a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or someone who simply doesn’t enjoy ironing, these services can help take the hassle out of this essential task.

Quality Of Our Work:

Factors that can help determine the quality of Pick and Drop ironing service provider, including:


professionalism in all aspects of our service, from customer service to the quality of our work. This includes being punctual, responsive to customer inquiries and concerns, and delivering high-quality results.


We have experienced ironing service provider who have the skills and knowledge necessary to iron a variety of fabrics and items effectively and efficiently. Our professional team can handle any issues that may arise, such as stains or delicate fabrics.

Attention To Detail:

We pay close attention to detail to ensure that all items are properly pressed and creased. This includes checking for any missed spots or wrinkles and taking the time to properly fold and package the items.

Use Of Quality Equipment And Products:

We use high-quality irons and ironing boards to ensure that items are properly pressed without damaging the fabric. We also use appropriate products, such as starch or fabric softener, to enhance the finished result.


Pick and Drop Services consistently deliver high-quality results for every order. We do not cut corners or rush through the work to save time or money.

It’s also a good idea to communicate your specific needs and expectations with us. This can help ensure that we have the necessary skills and equipment to properly handle your items and deliver the results you are looking for.


Pick and Drop services offer a convenient and efficient solution for anyone who wants to keep their clothes and linens looking their best without sacrificing their time. Our services provide a range of benefits, including professional-quality results, flexible delivery options, and affordable prices.

Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or simply someone who doesn’t enjoy ironing, ironing services can help take the hassle out of this essential task. We are budget friendly.

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