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Dry cleaning refers to cleaning clothes and fabrics using a chemical solvent rather than water. The cleaning is done with a liquid but the solvent contains little or no water and does not penetrate the fibres like water does in a washer. The dry cleaning process is typically used on clothes and fabrics that cannot withstand the rigors of a standard home washer and dryer and eliminates the need for more time-consuming hand washing.
Yes. Dry cleaning provides care solution to garments that can’t be washed without a risk of damage to them. Grit, dust and grease can damage fabric if a garment remains untreated. Dry cleaning serves to extend the life of your garment by making them look as good as they can
We aim to collect your clothes, clean them to a professional standard and get them back to you all within 48 hours. It will be nice if you just let us know when you want your clothes back.
Some items can take a little longer than 48 hours, however. We currently aim to collect, complete and deliver all Alterations orders within 72 hours. If your order contains any alteration related items then cleaning for all items will take 72 hours to complete.
Don’t worry if you’re unsure how your clothes should be treated — we’ll check the label for you and take care of everything.
Please note that we cannot check care labels of items in Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold orders, so please separate dry clean and laundered items before handing over to our agent.
We recommend that shirts are not included in the Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold orders, to ensure they are pressed to a crisp finish.
We clean most fabrics but leather, suede, velvet or fur items as well as other household items like curtail are cleaned at owner’s discretion. (See our policy on high risk fabric). In the rare event that we receive your clothes and cannot clean them, we will notify you as soon as possible.
If you can’t find a suitable category in the app or online then it’s best to customer@pickandrop.co.uk so we can tell you for sure.
Don’t worry; we’re professionals at dealing with this situation!
We’ll always do our best to make sure your clothes are handled correctly and with the utmost care. If there’s any doubt or we can’t find a care label, we’ll return the item to you un-cleaned so there’s no possibility of damage to your items.
At one of our top notch facilities!
We know it can seem strange to give your clothes to a stranger, but whether you order in Stratford, Greenwich or Bexleyheath, our local teams of experienced dry cleaners will always handle your clothes with the utmost care and respect. The facility your clothes are taken to will depend on your exact location.
Cleaning women’s shirts and blouses costs slightly. This is because they typically have a more tailored fit and variable style than a man’s shirt. This means they must be hand-finished and require more time and attention in order to ensure a high-quality finish.


Everyone must create an online account, even customers who have visited our stores in the past. This is the only way we can make sure that all of your online details are protected by a password that you, and you only, know and have access to. On your first booking, you will be asked to “sign up” and create a Pick and Drop online account – unique to you and password protected of course.
Ofcourse, our team members are always at your service. If you face any hassel booking an order you can call us and place an order over the phone pertaining that it goes aboves the minimum order for your location.
Yes! If you want to book a regular pickup and delivery slot each week, just give us a call on . This saves having to deal with laundry and to re-book on a regular basis, and you can cancel at any time if you don’t need a delivery that week.
Our drivers need to be focused while driving hence, you will not be able to contact Pick and Drop drivers directly. If there is any change after your order is placed, or any urgent message for our driver on the day of your delivery, please contact our Customer Care team at 02038131793
We understand that situations like this can occur. If we are contacted on time before processing of your order occurs, we would have the order returned. Note: If the order has already been process, unfortunately we would not be able to make a return.
Ofcourse, kindly update the delivery address when placing your order and our team will pay close attention to your instructions.
In order to get a quotation, you will need to set up a corporate account with Pick and Drop. You will simply need to input information regarding your business. We will need your company name, email address and contact number.
Ofourse, in as much as we cover the area where your hotel or residence is located in, we’ll be happy to accept your order. You can add notes about the fact you are staying at a hotel in the instructions box in our Special Instructions page while booking, or give us a call at 02038131793 or email enquiries@pickandrop.co.uk if you want to give more specific instructions about it.
We are an ambition and forward thinking business and our aim to cover a wide area growing concern and aim to cover a wide area of the UK. The quickest way to find out if we cover your area is to download our app or check the areas we cover at www.picknadrop.co.uk to get the latest information and find dry cleaning prices near you.The quickest way to find out if we cover your area is to download the app or enter your postcode at www.pickandrop.co.uk to get the latest information and find dry cleaning prices near you.
Just have your clothes ready! Your Pickndrop Agent will bring a Pickndrop bag to place your loose clothes in, so it helps to have them all together.If you’re ordering a Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold then your Pickndrop Agent will leave you with a reusable bag upon delivery, so you can collect clothes together for future orders.
Absolutely, we love meeting our clients in person and will be happy to assist you with all your laundry and dry cleaning needs.
We believe it would be most convenient for everybody to order online or through the app. Why not download Pickndrop for iOS or Android now and try it out?
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